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Update, excellent to so so


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Well I've been here for about 2 months, and pulled my first real fico set.

I really love Experian right now! Ok here it goes,


EQ: 567

EX: 571

TU: 492


EQ: 551

EX: "689"!

TU: 544

The over 100 point difference was that EX deleted a charge off 10k, and a repo which was reported as a credit card. I had many deleted items for all CRA's, or corrected updated balances. Since I'm still in SOL, I took another route by disputing some as not mine, and getting the ones still reporting balances that where CO to say "0" balance. But not attacking the CA's in order not to wake the monsters. Hopefully, EQ and TU will settle the dust soon and bring everything back up.

Thanks for all the advice on this board!

Now where are the ones who only pull Experian :D


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