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Post card from the court

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It says that a summons was mailed to the defendant on 08-04-04 for case DC-xxxxx. Unless otherwise notified this case will default on 09-13-04.

Now as I understant it, the defendant has 20 days to answer the complaint. When they do, I then send them my discovery questions, in which they have 30 days to answer and send back to me...

After that a date is set for arbitration.

If they don't answer the complaint, I win by default....on 09-13-04..

Is this correct ???

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The CA called, and wanted me to call them back...I faxed them a letter telling them no, but they could contact me by mail...I haven't heard any thing else...

I think I ran into another problem...The CA does not have a bond on file with the name that is on my credit report...

I think they are going by a different name now, so they might have a bond in that name...So there goes that violation I have on them.... :cry:

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I've never heard of a court sending out a postcard as a reminder to answer the summons.

You might want to check it out the postmark to see where it is from and make sure it is legit.

Hey dixie, the Courthouse in this redneck hicktown regularly sends all kinds of crap on postcards. Save the county postage so they say.

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