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how do i go about finding the legal business name of an OC (apartment complex)?

i know the name they use, but i cannot find that registered as a dba at their local county clerks. where else would i find that info? they arent registered as a corp with the SOS.

or alternately, if they do not have a dba registered, is that a good thing? can someone run a business without registering a dba? report to a CRA if they dont?

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it appears they DO need to have a dba entered to operate. looks like theirs expired last year.

would the dba have to be the name they are using? found the answer, it is YES

so, if they signed a contract, using a business name that is not registered at the time of signing, does that void the entire contract? ok, got this one too, the answer is the contract is valid, but no court action can proceed to uphold the contract until such time as a proper DBA is entered.

the management company is 'not in good standing' with the state either

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so, me being me, im off on another weird idea!

whats to stop me going and registering their name? i mean it costs $10, the name is available, they've let it lapse.

so if i went and registered the name, theres no way they could get it back for ten years, ergo, no way they could prevail in a lawsuit. hmm, that just seems too easy.

what important point am i forgetting here??

would i go for the name as it appears on the contract? the name on their letterhead?

it kinda goes like this:

contract says 'Sunshine Trees'

letterhead says 'Sunshine Trees Apartments'

former dba was 'The Sunshine Trees Apartments' expired last year.

former dba 'Sunshine Trees Apartments' expired this year.

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