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Things that make you go you WHAT!!


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ok so Now that I have disputed a few things and I updated the CR on Pg and was going threw all the transactions with a fine tooth comb. Ohh my heck I just want to lay down and DIE!! Man I am glad nobody said this was going to be easy..LOL

We had a house loan with Idaho Housing which is for first time home owners and we eventually refinanced the house. Ok so the payment statemnt on the pg report is

Equifax--pays account as agreed

Experian---Paid satisfactorily

TU---unrated or bankruptcy....WHAT!!!!! I don't think so.

Mind you we were never late on this account too..

Then the closer I look there is a CC from First Security that was inclued in a BK(almost 10 yr ago) but they are showing a positive TL but the comments suck

Guess I better be writing more letters.

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First of all, relax. :D

Never ever bank 100% on PG being entirely correct. They are just good for monitoring for changes on your report. Don't think TOO much of it before checking with the real source.

When TU mates with PG, they sometimes have a bizarre lovechild named 'unrated or bankruptcy'. Pay no attention....it's just a coding error. It will come and go, sometimes being reported as 'pays as agreed' and then switching back to the lovely 'unrated or bankruptcy'.

If you want the reassurance, check your real report at transunion's site....but I promise, it's 99.9% likely the rating you're seeing is that coding error.


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