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Well I just got served another summons in the mail from guess who Discover card again...from the same law firm, this time it is for 5000.00 some odd dollars..it does not get any better than this..question is it possible to counter claim more than what they are suing me for? For example if they are suing me for 5000.00 can I sue them for 10,000..I want to make these people hurt..this is the SECOND time that they are suing me..!!

for those that have not read my last post..I am being sue by discover card..now they have sent another summons..


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I'm just kinda sticking my nose in here out of curosity. This actually a continuation of your other post, right? Same lawyer, same case, etc.?

And, if they have statements with your address on them...is it possible that someone else at your address DID receive the statements and you never saw them? I'm not accusing anyone, but is it possible your mail was snatched before you saw it?

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