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Citibank Drama!!!

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Sorry, I didn't know what forum to post this in...

I have a 762 TU, 708 EQ and 706 EX (all lower due to a few recent inquiries), have not had a single late payment on anything since 1999...no CO's...no collections...nothing...I carry zero balances on my cards, except for two cards, one of which I owe 247 bucks and the other 250 bucks.

I was just turned down for a Citibank Visa Platinium Select because, they claim, my "existing Citibank account remains restricted." I have not had a Citicard since 1988. I opened it when I first graduated from college and only had it a few years before I closed it. I admit that I wasn't then as financially responsible as I am today, but it was paid off directly to Citibank and not sent to collection. I believe they simply suspended my account, and I never went back to re-establish it after paying it in full.

They now claim that my account was paid off in 1998 (!), but also they say that it was a charge-off. Makes no sense. Ironically, I disputed a Citi entry which only appeared on my Experian, and it was removed. It was not a collection entry..simply a closed account entry.

They have it under one of my old addresses, and it came up under my social security number. The rep gave me the number for "Citibank Internal Recovery." It is closed now, but do I dare speak to them. Will they try to screw me by putting something back on my CR?

This makes no sense, as I did not have a Citibank account in 1998, and they claim that it is still "restricted." Does anybody have any idea what I should do, if anything?

I would really like a Citi Platinum...and have the creditworthiness to support their decision to give me one...except for this thing.

Ironically, while they do not want to give me a credit card, I just today received a letter from Citifinancial telling me that based on my recent credit card application, they would like to loan me some money!!! Amazing.

Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

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Call the number they gave you and explain the situation ... they won't re-insert something in your CR from that long ago ... the worst thing they can say is no or not at this time, but you should try and get the restricted status removed or find out how long it will remain that way.

As a current member in good standing, hopefully the rep you get will be understanding and provide you with info ... so ask questions.

If that fails, you could try planetfeedback.com; or cancel your card and move on to another company who appreciates you more. There are a lot of prime companies offering great deals right now.

Good luck and let us know the results!

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