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Should I use my Chevron?

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When I got serious about fixing my credit, I took advantage of my EQ score rising due to items being in dispute. The first card I applied for was Chevron and they gave me a $600.00 limit. It has been over a year and I never used it (no chevrons here). Should I use it online so it can start reporting? I am not sure if I will hurt myself by adding another card. When I started a year ago, I only had Household (59.00 fee) and Orchard. Both have 300.00 limits. Since I have started to repair/rebuild I have the following:






Home Depot


Victorias Secret



Citgo (gas)




I am thinking I have too much credit, and I don't want to hurt myself by adding a new tradeline (although it is over a year old) What do you guys think? Should I use my Chevron to get it to start reporting? Or let it lay in the box? Liz

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