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GC Services - collections questions


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Okay, I have a lot of questions. But I'll just do this one right now.

Long story, short. I tried to use a debt settlement company and now I am dealing with collections. The account I have a question on is one that came from AMEX. It's my largest one, real high at $7000. I think it has been charged off because I got a letter from AMEX saying that the account is closed and has moved to collections. They keep calling me. Last week I cooperated and talked to them twice. The first time telling them the situation and how I got screwed up pretty much. They seemed nice enough. But I told them I didn't have the $7000. I told them I would try to come up with it. Three days later I called them back and told them that I couldn't come up with it but was willing to do payments. They wouldn't barely listen. Now I am trying to figure out what I should do. I want all communication to be through letters. Can I demand this?

Has anyone worked with GC Services. I am trying to find an address. The toll free number they gave was 1-800-846-6406. I want to communicate with them through mail and not the phone, but I don't have an address to send the letter to. Can anyone help? I think they are out of Arizona, but not sure.

And, I am willing to pay about $100/month right now and has circumstance improve, I will pay more. Is this unreasonable? Do you think they will accept it? How do I write to them and them them that this is what I want. I am willing to cooperate, but obviously I can't pay it off right now.

I have more legal questions, but I want these figured out first so I can proceed. Please help me!

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GCS is like all the rest, they're rude, nasty, and will harrass and make illegal threats. I have dealt with them. DV'd them and they went away in my case, but my debt was under $1,000. When I get home tonight I can dig out the file and post their address if someone else hasn't done it by then. You can try negotiating, AMEX is a very hard case to deal with, but do it ALL in writing.

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I have some experience with GC. gcserv.com

I know they don't report AMEX or CITI accounts to the CRA's.

I know they want full payment - like most delinquent credit card CA's-

but that makes sense when you think about it .... why suddenly

can you come up with payments when you haven't been making any for months.. ... you are likely to miss/forget/or have a reason why you can't

make ""this"" months payment in the future.

They will settle, and the deals get better as time passes, and at the end of each month.

My question is.. if you can do $100 a month.. why haven't you?


my advice is to read my siggy.


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