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Won court case-CA won't remove

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I said since Cap1 did not validate, when we got to court, CA told the judge that they wanted to dismiss the case. Now I am trying to get it removed from my credit report. Experian said they verified it and will not remove it.

Hopefully it was dismissed with prejudice. If it was, obtain a certified copy of the complaint (only that page or pages which show the account number) and a certified copy of the judge's order of dismissal (it'll cost a few bucks) then send it to the CRAs and inform them they have 72 hours or you'll file a complaint against them. If they don't remove, file a complaint. It doesn't suprise me that Experian won't delete.

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I went to court on a judgement case. Cap One did not validate and dismissed the case. I wrote the credit bureau's and told them that it was not mine. It was not removed. It stated that it was verified. How do I get them to remove this?

Are you saying that once you got the notice for being sued you tried to validate or you had tried to validate at some time so when you case was brought to trial it still was not validated?

I'm just asking, b/c I just got a notice of exemptions & I'm looking for leverage.

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