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Help please! sold from HFC Nevada to Debt Recovery Solutions

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I have noticed on my CRs that HFC has sold to Debt Recovery but both of them are on my Experian report. Debt Recovery Solutions has updated the DOLA (date reported to 9/2003). Can they do this?!?!?!? I am not sure but I think I read that it is illegal for both to report and for Debt Recovery to change the date opened. The orginal creditor was Household/Orchard Bank and was closed/charged off 2/2000.

I am currently DV'ing both companies but I just realized that they are both from Household. What should I do??

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re-aging is illegal. Just because they sell the account, doesn't mean they can start chaging the dates. The "date reported" is not re-aging. Re-aging would be if DRS changes any info contrary to the charge-off date of 2/2000. They are still bound by the SOL laws regarding that date.

The OC has to report a zero balance and indicate the account was sold to another lender when they sell off the debt.

Since CA has an SOL of 4 years for open accounts, I dare say this account is not collectable. Further, Cali law prohibits a company from even collecting on a timebarred debt. You may have money coming to you. The topic is addressed here:


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Thank you for ur reply. I think I have reaging here.

Household is not reporting on Experian so I guess they think they can get away with this.

HFC Nevada: Date opened 2-2000 reported since 7-2004 (date of status and last reported the same) Sold to Debt Recovery Solutions.

Debt Recovery Solutions: Date opened 9-2003 reported since 11-2003 Date of status 10-2003 last reported 7-2004

This is some BS. I know this isn't right. And if one sold to the other, the seller cannot still report can they (if it's not the OC)?

And I am going to hi-lite this little violation of theirs on my credit reports and use it as leverage against them as well as the SOL. These people are scumbags. I know you can relate to sitting up endless hours trying to figure out how to wade through a mess like this. I am grateful I found this board and all the people like you who help us less-educated out.

Thanks again for any input.

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HFC Nevada can report, but it has to say $0 balance, sold to another lender. They are correct in reporting 2/2000 since that's the time the debt was charged off and sold, however, by reporting as of 7-2004, they are violating California law.

Debt Recovery Solutions is re-aging by stating the account was opened in 9-2003. They can't change the original characteristic of the debt which was charged off in 2-2000. They can't use the date they bought the date as the "new" DOLA. They too are violating California law.

If you're going to stay up late, check into the Cali law that forbids collecting on time-barred debts. That will be your best bet to get these clowns off you and get the items deleted from your reports.

I think I got this figured out, so if anyone sees any errors in this, please help steer our member in the right direction.

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okay i'm wrong. experian is confusing. i see that they dont report the DOLA. But let me glance at my transunion and see what IT says.

hmm..there is no DOLA on these accounts either. HFC doesnt show on TU. Just Household/Orchard and Debt Recovery Solutions. I am now officially confused. Debt Rocovery shows the same with no DOLA. Household shows 9/2000 for date closed. Geez :speechless: what in the world??!?!?!

I am so sorry for these confusing posts!!!! My CRs are a mess. I have read that thread about 6 times and the only thing that is stumping me are these dates reported/opened/robbed/bamboozled/hoodwinked.

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