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A question about the 7 year period..


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I have a question. I was trying to receive my gov't clearance in 99. I paid a collection account which they required me to do. From the information below can anyone tell me when it's going to fall of my credit report. I do not understand any of it. lol :) tks The last payment i made to the OC was in the 98 timeframe.. is this a redate?

Date Opened:




Reported Since:




Date of Status:


Monthly Payment:


Last Reported:




Credit Limit/Original Amount:


High Balance:


Recent Balance:


Recent Payment:


Account History:

Charge Off as of 7-2000, 12-1998 to 5-2000

Collection as of 11-1998, 10-1998

90 days as of 9-1998

60 days as of 8-1998

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The account was charged off in 12/98, that means that it will drop off by 12/2005 or 1/2006 at the latest. The payment cannot reset the charge-off date nor the 1st delinquency date that preceeded the charge-off and that is what the 7year reporting period is based on, NOT the date of last activity.

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thank you for the replies.. Here is some interesting information. I have credit reports from 3 different months in the 2000 time frame.

April 2000 citibank It says

Date opened 03-95

Date of last activity 08/97

Previous status 08/97 - R5 07/97 - R3

August 2000

same open and DOLA

same everything

feb 2003 same thing all of this from retail alliance

Now I look at my experian from nov 2000 and it says

Date opened


date of status last reported


then to the right it says

paid/account charged off written off in 7-2000

account history:

charge off as of 7-2000, 12-1998to 5-2000

collection as of 11/1998, 10/1998

this account is scheduled to continue on record until 7-2007

this is redating isn't it?

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