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Different info on Tranunion/Equifax accounts


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I checked my credit report with Transunion last year and checked out an account sold by Sears years ago. Transunion has the status as of 9/1996 as a collection account and it has since been removed from that credit report as an old account. It also said account opened in 5/1994 and paid of on 2/1999 (I still have this copy). Now, on my Equifax account from last week, it was a whole new ballgame. RMA purchased the account, which I recently paid off (unfortunately I just found out about the SOL running out, but you live and learn). The Sears account has the same account number from TU and EQFX, but is now named Cbusasears and it had undergone some re-aging (a 4 year gap of reporting in 2000 to 4/2004, showing up as a 120 day deliquency on my report). I'm disputing the re-aging now with Equifax, but can my old TransUnion report which shows the account in collection being 9/1996 (7 years now) be used to dispute the new Equifax report showing 7/1998 as Date of last activity. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way of disputing and maybe removing that account from my Equifax repot.

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