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Almost Clean...

Ravenous Wolf

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EX and EQ are clean...

No negatives...

No lates...

Only TU still has my remaining stubborn paid tax lien. Its scheduled to fall off in October so I am debating on whether or not to keep challenging TU on it.

EX has only ONE inquiry and it is like 14 months old.

I only have miscellaneous stuff left (like lots of inquiries on TU, paid loan sharks on all three, etc...). Those are not negative but they do knock points off of my score...

Only time will help reduce my debt ratio...

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~Hey CONGRATS to you Rav!!!

I was hoping that I would be able to say ALL CLEAN myself before the end of the year, but sigh, nada can do

Still have a paid 7yr old C/O on Exp...hoping this will fall off soon, and have a few student loan lates on EX and EQ...

TU is clean :)

We closed on a house 2 months ago, so have TONS of new inquiries on each report...add 2 new cc inq's and I got a bunch! (6-7 per CRA)...will try bumpage and time on those.

Hang in there....it'll happen before you know it!! 8-)

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After 9 months my TU is clean, no baddies, no unwanted inquires etc...

Experian I have the last baddie in dispute as we speak it is for 30 day lates which are 4 years old, hopefully it will be removed and then that report will be clean

Equifax 1 baddie left, but it is in dispute as we speak also. It is a charge off from AMEX. This charge off was removed from TU and Experian so hopefully it will be removed from equifax. If so, I will be clean with them too.

Once this is done it is off to get a 30 year fixed loan on the house.

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Seems like only yesterday you were asking what a DV letter was, huh? Amazing what the journey looks like when you see it from the finish line...

I have to admit that time sure flew by...

What I thought would take forever now seemed to happened in a snap...

The most uplifting thing was seeing the incremental progress like every month. Piece by piece, everything was falling into place.

Looking back, it is hard to believe that 18 months have flown by and that I now have my own house, good loans, no loan sharks, and almost a spotless record...

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way to go wolf, I haven't worked my stuff as diligently but I have made progress. It is always good to hear the success of people on this board. Did youget into the 700 club?

oh yes and go spurs go!!!

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