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American Express Blue APPROVED Finally

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I applied back in July and was declined because of derogatory remarks on my credit report. I called and tried to get reconsideration and was told I must first clear up all negative items on my reports. So I put the two remaining items in dispute and hoped for the best. Well everything came back verified and again American Express told me no. Yesterday I pulled my reports via PG and see that American Express pulled another hard inquiry so now I'm pissed!. I call AE getting ready to hit them with the non PP since they had already denied me twice and they had no business pulling my file again. They explained I was denied because I had a consumer statement on my file and they needed to find out why as well as verifiy my work number so they can call and confirm my identity ...whatever. I gave them my number and they called me back within 2 minutes to tell me my new Blue Card is on its way. :D

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