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Need some negotiating advice - PLEASE

Tax Man

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I was able to negotiate a $8500 debt with a CA down to $4250. The time limit on this offer expired but I thought no big deal - they will still take the offer if I am a fews days late.

In the meantime the CA found out that I was refinancing my home (an idiot at the lenders office called then to vefiry the pay off) and now they will only extend the offer to 8/31/04. I will not close on my refi until after 8/31/04. Now when I call the CA to get them to extend the offer until after 8/31/04 and they will not budge. I think they smelled blood when they got wind that I was refinancing and want more money. The CA even wants to see my refi closing papers to see how much I am borrowing - I told them no way!

I do have the $4250 payoff in writing.

We are at an impass as I told him that this refi is my only chance to pay them and after this they can come to Georgia to sue me. This idiot said fine.

I really want to pay these guys off at my closing. Do you think they will come around? Thay have had this debt since 2/2004 and have not done squat to enforce it.

I contacted the original creditor (who is located in the same state as me) and they will not negotiate a debt that they have assigned out for collections.

Any advice? BTW, my lender is going to cut a check to the CA at closing no matter what so as to eliminate any possibilty of another lender getting a better position on my house. So I may be sitting on this check until the CA comes around.

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