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From what I have heard from others, most collectors will just go into the courtroom with a compilation of Debtors monthly statements and assume that is validation. The Judge will ASSUME then that the debt is valid and that you owe that amount. Couldn't you then ask for discovery?

My sister went to court recently defending a collection, and the judge gave an informational speech to the courtroom before cases. He basically told everyone to "Make them prove that you owe this debt". Most admitted, got judgements. Some asked for proof. Those that asked, went to trial. These people that requested proof, had never DV'd beforehand.

From what it seems there, the judge is giving the debtor time to ASK for validation.

Summons in my sister's and most cases were pre-trial hearings. So, your summons, in all probability, is the same. You will have time. Ask for everything! How they aquired the debt, licenced to collect, your signature, everything!!! UNIFUND are scumbags!! My sis is going after them! (IN IL TOO). Not the same case as mentioned here.

Ask Bud Hibbs for advice, lol. He HATES UNIFUND!! LOL


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