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Providian Goodwill Letter...HELP


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Hey everybody...

I have no negatives on my credit other than a few late payments to Providian in the 1999-early 2000 time period, and they are really bugging me since I feel they are dragging down my scores, and are not indicative of my overall creditworthiness.

I sent a really nice goodwill letter to Providian, and received basically a form letter back saying that they investigated my "dispute' and found the entries to be valid. I was not disputing them. I was asking for a goodwill adjustment.

I closed my Providian account, because of the high interest rates, and due to the fact that I have several prime cards. I mentioned in the letter that I would like to come back to Providian (with a lower interest rate) but would like to see them remove these lates.

Today, I just PFBed them, awaiting their response, if any.. I originally faxed and mailed the goodwill letter, which got me nowhere.

Any other suggestions? I know that you guys always have such good answers to people's problems.

I would really appreciate getting some advice on where to go next.

There was one 60 day late, and 4 30 day lates...1999-2000 was a BAD year...my other accounts remained good though...The only other negatives I have are more than a few inquiries, due to replacing my older, higher interest cards with lower interest, reward cards.

My FICOs (real) range from 767 (TU) to 710 (EQ).

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Providian is one of the toughies.

First question: Are the lates reporting consistently amoung your 3 reports? By that I mean, are they listed late for the same time frame across the board? On my reports, EQ shows my lates to be a month ahead from TU and EX. So I have now disputed the lates with EQ, as "not late in that particular month". Of course, I have confimed this with Providian first.

Second question: Have you disputed that you were never late? I did this with TU a couple of months ago and they just deleted the TL altogether! Unlike you, this account is still active and I need it on my report. So now I'm in the position that I have to fight to get it back on.

By the way, your scores are terrific.

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Hey Kat...

Thanks for the response.

The problem is that the lates were so long ago, they are no longer showing the specific months late on my EXP report. I only am getting the last two years, with a notation that the account was late 60 days, blah, blah, blah...

EQ is reporting the specific dates, and TU has no notation.

I already disputed these a few months ago, and TU removed the notation, but EQ and EXP did not.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again...I have worked hard to get my scores up...

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OK, I think I understand what the problem is.

Regarding EX: They don't show the exact months, which has the effect of "reaging" the lates to "appear" that they're more recent. This same thing happened to me with TU. So now, you have to find out from EX when those lates occured and either press them to notate your account accordingly or delete. I'd PFB Providian and let them know what's happening on the EX report. Use words like "reaging" and "damaging to my FICO score" to get their attention. No one likes liability in these issues, especially as regards to someone with an otherwise clean report. Also, ask Providian to delete if they can't compel EX into reporting correctly, as a courtesy to you.

Regarding EQ: This is your lowest score. There has to be something else going on besides the Providian notation to account for that. xheadscratchx

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Thanks, Kat...I will send another letter, this time via PFB to Providian, and will use the verbiage about this reaging my account, and damaging my FICO score. Will keep you posted.

I called EQ and EX yesterday, and they tried to tell me that, even though the report I see does not have a 24 month calendar on this account, and hence no specific late months listed, the report sent to the CC companies is more specific. Somehow, I do not think so.

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