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Send notice of violations ?

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I sent DV to CA and then dispute to CRA, no response from CA and came back verified from CRA (step 1-2)

I am going to send a letter to CA stating their violations and I have come up with this so far so they realize they have done something wrong and then ask for a delete to rectify the situation.

1.) Failure to report item in dispute to CRA ( FDCPA Section 807(8)) and or FCRA Section 623.

2.) Continued collection acitivy- still reporting to CRA(FDCPA Section 809 (B),FTC opinion letter Cass from LeFevre )

3.) Verified with CRA during validation period- ? (FDCPA Section 809)

I have seen letters that are suggested to use in response to this situation but none seem to confront them by pointing out their violations and then asking for a deletion.

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Copy and paste their violations right fom the Acts right into your letter. The law speaks for itself, so there's no reason to get fancy with it.

Tell them the matter has been forwarded to the FTC and their state Attorney General.

File your complaints with both agencies.

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