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My mission is officially over


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I would like to thank all of you people from here. You are all truely very helpfull.

Tomorrow I am signing my car loan papers, which I got approved for. This completes my credit repair adventure. Now I have to focus on keeping it that way and improving it even more... who knows, maybe I could reach 800 mark? :?

To all the newbies out there who are just starting. I have few words of advice. Keep at it, you will get ups and downs....it will take some time... but if you stick with it, you WILL be rewarded with whatever that is that you want from your future good credit.

Since February last year, I have came from FICO scores of low 500 and for TU, 400s. 2 judgements, 10s of collections and charge offs...I have finally done it:

1. Bought my own place

2. Received 3 store cards

3. Received 5 credit cards, one ofthe Platinum

4. Got approved for a car loan at 6% at my local bank.

All of those things would be impossible without the help I got here. SO keep at it people, plug them away....

In closing, as always when it comes to success, I would like to thank my sponsors, US Postal Office workers, people who work so hard in paper factory to make those green slips green....our wonderfull CRAs who don't check crap and allowe me to argue with them, Charles Clark for putting me in a house and of course, the wonderfull FICO score creators who make us all so happy when their formula magically increases our scores...

Thank you, thank you, thank you....

You people have fun...I have to concentrate on next thing in my life.. a career and my health....

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I congratulate you on your successful mission, and understand the feeling of "moving on".

I also am at that point of "moving on", after a little over a year I took all my scores from low 500's to a current range of 730-760.

In that year I managed to:

refinance my mortgage from 10.99% down to 5.5%,

get approved for a Home Equity Line of Credit @ 3.49%,

Get approval for used car financing @ 4.9% (!!)

Get approved for new credit cards @ 7.9% rate (w/incredible CLs!)

In short the battles, ups and downs, dark moments, and the work, were definitely well worth it. Not just for the financial quality of life, but perhaps more importantly, how I felt about myself.

I still have a couple of items I fight "part-time", but I realize also, that now I am in a "credit position" where I could wait those negs out. I do not, and will not, need credit for quite a long time.

My best advice is NEVER GIVE UP! My most "rewarding" repairs were the ones which seemed they would never come off. The greatest battles bring the greatest rewards. And, each success fuels the confidence for the next level of battle. I am at the point of lawsuits for the last remaining items, and now I have the confidence I will be successful at them.

So, always do that "one more step" when you're feeling discouraged, or it seems impossible. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE PROCESS, and be meticulous about it at every step.

I now consider repairing my credit one of my life's greatest accomplishments, both for the quality of my life, and for my feelings of self-worth.

I also thank EVERYONE on these boards who made this possible.

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Congratulations on all of your accomplishments creditmess...I too am going to miss you, please stop by every once in a while and let us know how you're doing.

By all means take care of your health. I've been MIA for a while and just trying to catch up on the posts. So long for now 8)

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I still enjoy hearing the positive responses from those who have reached their goals. Like the others have already said, please stop by and check in with us.

Ourselves, we are completely done with our repair as the last item is in the process. In fact, we have been dealing with 2 Chrysler Dealerships on buying a new Chrysler 300C. Our Mortgage is now reporting. By the end of this month, we hope to be around 730 each. Our only complaint was our original Mortgage Company transferred us right after receipt of first payment, so had to wait 2 more months before the new one started reporting. Have no idea how that affected our scores, but, can only assume, it didn't help. To me, that loss of 2 months seasoning hurt us.

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I too have nearly finished DF's reports. Fought off all the typical IIB BS with FUSA and Citibank, got duplicates from AFNI removed, and a bunch of school loan nonsense fixed.

She is now having Charles get her pre-approved as she just got a promotion and is now making 10k a year more and is more comfortable in having a mortgage payment and the associated bills.

She is only 26 years old and has accomplished so much.

Her scores when I started ranged from the middle 400's to low 500's. now her scores are per Myfico as of last week:




I doubt I will leave here anytime soon as I still enjoy helping people.

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