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Equifax question


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Sent a letter to EQ 8/16/04 requesting procedure for verifying 3 accts. I specifically stated I did not want a re-investigation and they had 15 days to comply. This is the response:

8/21/04 The results of our re-investigation... and they listed the accts I previously asked for procedure of verification(not a re-investigation). EQ boldly stated "We have researched the credit acct. Per your request, this is the information we have available for contacting this credit grantor. If you have additional quesstions contact(they list the OC address, $ phone).

They even ignored one acct I had included in my letter.

8/23/04 I received this letter stating EQ was investigating my concerns at this time. Then they proceed to state I don't need a third party to help with credit file....

How can I receive a letter on 8/21 stating my credit file re-investigation was completed (when I never asked for one), Then on 8/23/04, I received a letter stating EQ is investigating my acct?

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