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Does everyone prime pull TU for CC?

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If you have been reading my posts this weekend I went on an app spree and one CLI request.

All of them, except AMEX, pulled TU. Concequently I went from one to five inq's on TU. Seemed to drop my score about 8 FAKO points. I figured I would be declined for at least one of them, but I have been approved for just about everyting, except no word from Chase yet or my CLI request.

So now I have at least three new TL's coming and possibly four. Any idea on how much of a drop I will see for the addition of 3-4 new TL's? I suspect this will be a big hitter at first. I hope by six months I actually see improvement?

Getting back to the original question. Why do most of them seem to pull TU? Nobody pulled EX and only Amex pulled EQ. TU must have a special running?

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Very soon, you are going to experience a drop in your score.

More than likely a big drop although it really depends on the make up of your credit.

As soon as those new creditors start reporting, you will have triggered the following factor:


That causes your score to plummet and it will do more damage than inquiries ever will.

That is a flag that lets other creditors know that this person is now credit hungry and wants to get as many accounts as possible (like live it up before declaring bankruptcy, etc...).

It also affects other parts of your score if your credit mix is now off balance. The credit mix has to be in the right ratio of revolving accounts, installment accounts, and other long term debt.

And it will affect your utilization even if you have a ZERO balance on lots of cards.

Utilization not only shows what you currently using but it also tries to account for what you "can" use in your available credit. Some creditors are really big on that even though the reasons could be ridiculous.

Like, if you have four cards with a 15k limit but like a balance of 100 clams on each card. Even though it looks good for utilization, some packages that creditors subscribe to (either through third parties or from the CRAs) can make the calculation that, yeah, you only have four hundred dollars in debt but you have the "potential" of being in SIXTY thousand dollars in debt at ANY moment, thus this is a bad risk...

Right now, inquiries should not be much of a concern as to what the fallout of having too many new accounts and the shifts of other factors...

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Great Reply. Good news is that I carry no balance on any card and that is one thing I won't have to deal with.

I definetly need to sort out the keepers over the next few months. For Example I applied for and was approved for a Fleet card at 7.99 variable with a CL of $5,300. I also carry a B of A card with a $8,000 CL and a 16.99 variable which is PIF'ed monthly. My question to B of A today was can I consolidate accounts and CL. The answer was yes by the end of year once the merger is complete. Basically I'll close one of the accounts for one with a $13K CL and the best APR at the time. Although I pay in full monthly as a rule I want to have a good APR in the barn should an emergency arise.

I guess when I was applying I figured I'd be denied for a few and I ended up getting them all. Definetly agree that I may have to chose some of the most favorable cards and dump the rest. Better cards was the point so I definetly need to make sure I don't make things worse in the long haul.

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As for your other question, it really depends on which part of the country you are in.

But national companies pull different CRAs or a combination of the three.

A few of them pull all three.

Where I live, TU once had a big presence here with an affiliate. Although the affiliate is now independant, most of the local merchants still use TU. As a result, it is like everyone and their grandmother uses TU for my credit report.

It is a big pain for me...

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