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DCU Visa Platinum Underwriting Guidelines

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Sent an email regarding the DCU Visa Platinum and a CL Increase to $10k+. FYI, they check EQUIFAX ONLY. Here's their response:

Hello DHK,

Currently you have a $3k limit on your Visa Gold and to increase that to

a Visa Platinum we would need you to apply and be approved, for a limit

of at least $10k and you credit score would need to be a 700 or higher.

Your credit score would need to be a 680 or higher to qualify for 9.9%.

To find out that information we would need you to apply for the increase

first, then we could let you know what you qualify for. You can apply

on-line, at dcu.org or over the phone at (800) 328- 8797, if you have

any further questions please call the 800# above. Thank you.

Consumer Loan Department

Digital Federal Credit Union

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If you want big CL's MBNA is the ticket. I need a big CL due to my work expenses. They had me at 14K and over the last few months moved me to $16K. Since I was in the mood for good deals this weekend I asked for $20K. Was approved in 24 hours and they did pull a hard on TU with a 676 Fico. I have been a card member since 2001.

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