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PG thing?

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i figured out whats going on!! (i'm not slow, i'm just thorough 8-) )

seems that our car loan, for some wild reason, has our last name mispelled (no-one can it get it right! too many consanents, not enough vowels!) so since the fraud alerts have been on the reports both TU and EX arent updating it since its got a wrong name, but EQ is..

i wonder how easy this will be to fix?

still dont know what up with the mortgage TLs tho.

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Ravenous Wolf

How do you get your free credit reports? I know I can get my free credit reports from EX and TU when I dispute. When I dispute with CSC, they told me they no longer send the entire CR. They said they did it as a courtesy before. Now they just send an investigation result page of what was disputed.

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