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Foreclosure Help!!!


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I am new to this site and really need help to know what to do with this situation. My husband and ex-wife had a timeshare in Florida. During divorce it was stipulated that she would keep it and continue to pay for it. The mistake was that he did not report it.

When I pulled our reports last month I noticed that Experian included a Foreclosure derogatory from Central Florida Investment reported 04/2004 . The comment on the notation says "Credit Grantor reclaimed collateral to settle defaulted mortgage".

He never received a notice and never even knew it was late since obvioulsy he has a different address.

The address and phone number is not included in the Credit Report and he has no documents either.


How to proceed?

Should I dispute this item?

Is this considered a judgement? I looked for information in PACER and courts in Florida and found nothing.

I really want to dispute other items in his credit report since his most recent negatives are from 2000, 90 days late. However he has a couple utility charge offs and major credit card charge off.

Please give me some ideas. Would it be wise to dispute everything at the same time??

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, for any help!

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