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What can a person due to enforce a judgment in Texas

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well, the word on the street is texas (yay texas!) is one of the hardest states to collect from, but i see court cases filed every day by JDBs against poor people.

i think how it works is the get the judgement, enter an abstract, which makes it a lien against any exempt property. so if you happen to be a person who owns more than one home, or anything above the exemptions, when you go to sell it they get paid.

i'll let you know if i end up having to go that route with my judgement. theres also a writ of execution, which i think works more against businesses.

and now that i've thought about it a little longer.. just go to the texas statutes, civil practice and remedy code i believe, it lists all the things you can do to get paid.

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Tx has a 100% homestead exemption - they can't even place a lien on a homestead.

They CAN seize bank accounts, and that's a primary target in TX. Thru debtor's exams they can discover other non-exempt assets. I know a guy who is a very successful Judgment enforcement specialist IN TX - it can be done if you know how.

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