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Wording to OC to settle with deletion?


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1. You get a cashier's check or money order for the amount you owe, made payable to the cable company.

2. Find out the name and address of teh person who runs the cable company in your area. Get the name adn address of the company's CEO.

3. Write a letter asking for the company's goodwill. Explain how much you enjoy the service and admire the company for its contributions the community, and you are sorry you got behind on this bill when ( fill in the blanks).

4. Tell them the collection mars an otherwise responsible credit history and you need their assistance. A "paid" collection is no help. you need and want to have the item deleted. Remind them that the CA will delete it if the cable company tells them to, and you, again, would appreciate their goodwill.

5. Ask them to call you or write to you that they will recall the account from the CA and order them to delete it within 30 days. Give them a copy of the letter and a return envelope and ask them to sign it under the line that says " AGREED TO THE ABOVE: ______________________ cable company by _________________, its ___________________________.

6. Address it to the manager and CEO. CC the CA.

I have tried this and it has worked. Good luck to you.

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You can do no better nor expect any better than what Recovering Attorney has advised. As was said, the higher you go, the more you receive.

Besides, even if this failed, CHOD is still around the corner to file a dispute with the CRA's as 'not mine" and many times it will be deleted as many CA's do not respond to disputes for paid collections. This does work, on occasion, but, it does give you another avenue. If this is for a possible Mortgage, most lenders want a Zero Balance or a deletion, so either way you would be safe. Therefore, if you are at or near a 620 score now, you are considered "conforming" and can receive a fair rate.

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