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Who should I send the Request of Debt Validation to??


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Hi! this one should be easy I think. It's my first time trying to clean up credit, here's the situation:

I had a providian card, I used it 4 or 5 times, 3 or 4 times on small stuff (I paid) and then $1,875 on a large investment. I never Signed anything for that.

The investment went sour, they took the money and that was that, they didn't run or anything so I contacted Providian and disputed the charges... that didn't work, now Allied Interstate sends me a bill for $3187.92 .... there's no way I owe all that (I think) I didn't spend that, I even made a payment on the 1,875 while trying to dispute it.

So, I want to send a Request of Debt Validation letter to someone, should I send it to Allied Interstate or Providian? It's tough becuase the name and adddress at the top is

Allied Interstate

3000 corporate... blah blah


and at the bottom there's a billing statement and the mailing address is:

Providian Payment Processing

P.O. Box 660548


Any tips?

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Actually, you can have a bill that high.

It happened with me with Chase and CitiBank.

All those charges, fees, and interest will make the debt look huge.

And then some slick CA will try to cut you deal for the amount of the original balance trying to make it sound like you are making out like a bandit.

You might want to thoroughly browse through the Debt Validation forum. It is loaded with plenty of posts and threads of people and their DV experience...

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