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Hi guys We got a fleet card today secured. I so happy I cant believe it. It took a whole 30 days to get that card.

Applied for Orchard Recieved Deposit account info in the mail, still no card and its been over 30 days. Whats taking so long?

We are just using these cards to build. Pay some monthly bills and pay back immediately.

Im so pumped because if it wasnt for this Website we would still be carrying around 14 to 28 baddies on our reports; all of which were paid off immediately when we recieved the collectors bills. Too bad we didnt know to dispute first then pay for deletion., because many of these companies cant validate, or never sent you a bill in the first place.

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I applied for a Capital 1 and First Premier through the mail and sent the money in to each one at the same time. This was back on August 20. Each of them cashed my checks 3 weeks ago. I just got the Capital 1 yesterday and am still waiting on the First Premier card.

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