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Oops, applying for a CC with fraud alert, got declined??

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Hey guys,

I've been following this board for sometime and finally found a reason to post. I put a fraud alert on my credit reports a few months ago because it appeared that someone had opened credit cards in my name, ran the cards up and then did not pay them. Turns out it was just a case of bad credit reporting by the CRA's and I was able to get them easily removed with a few phone calls. This raised my credit score from 620 up to 710.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I decided to apply for a Target card online, since they pull Equifax and it was my best score at the time by over 30 points. The day after I applied I noticed on PG that they pulled Equifax.

I got a notice yesterday in the mail from them saying that were unable to process my request for a card because they were unable to verify/obtain one or more pieces of information: name, address, DOB, SSN etc.....based on my Equifax report. Odd, because when I look at my PG report I see my entire life including previous addresses.

Do you guys think this might be do to the Fraud Alert on my account?

The letter says that I can write Retailers National Bank with further documentation proving my identity.

What do y'all think? And if it is a fraud alert issue, how long does it take to remove it?


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I absolutely think its the fraud alert affecting your approval. What I would do, is call EQ and ask to get the FA removed. They will ask you a few questions to verify your identity and then remove it. Ask them how long before the alert is removed. Then call Target and tell them your situation and see if you can get an approval.


Just go ahead and send the necessary docs to Target verifying your identity....maybe telling them that you had the FA on your CR.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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About the only people who don’t care about Fraud Alerts are the car dealers and their finance people. Their lobby really pushed hard to make Fraud Alerts as meaningless as possible and they are about the only people who ignore them.

Just about everybody else takes a Fraud Alert seriously because of identity theft…

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