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Amex Response to DV

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Last month, I disputed Amex charge off on my CR. I also sent them a DV.

I just received their response that says,

"We have reviewed your letter and we do not consider the letter to constitute a bona fide dispute or billing error notice. It it was intended to constitute a dispute or billing service, we reject it. If you wish to submit a billing error notice, please identify the specific error and the type, date and amount of error, and please state the specific reason for your belief that a billing error exists. We also ask that you provide a copy of any documentation you may have. Your proincipal balance on your card is $xxxx.

In view of this we are closing our files."

Now what? What other options do I have? i do not have any of my bills. The SOL was last month (Aug. 2004)

Anyone has gone through this?



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First of all, this stuff is all confusing and lots of people make this mistake, but debt validation is for collection agencies only. For disputes with the original creditor you MUST start with a credit bureau dispute. Read the method of verification link above.

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