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Is this a DV?


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A bit confused here.... So, I get this letter from a lawfirm "collecting for the OC". The letter states "This is the validation on your account that you requested" and also enclosed are copies of monthly statements, that's it.

MY QUESTION,,, I never received a dunning letter from this firm and Never asked for validation from this firm. True, I did ask for validation on this account, to two other CA's collecting on it, and no response.

How can this firm tell me I asked for validation, does this mean that the OC can take back this debt, assign to someone else, and have that assignee send me this letter and "validation" response? Can they be included in the validation process from a third party CA?

SO then, I ignored their letter and sent them A DV letter, Aug. 16. Their response, a summons filed on August 25. Now what can I do? By the way, the service was illegal, they left it in my yard, (See post; "This Totally Blows").

My court date is on Sept. 23

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