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notice of filing- but documents not attached???

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I received a notice of filing today stating that the plaintiff filed the originals of the loan application and truth and lending statements to the clerk of the courts. However, they didn't send me copies of these documents. In the original filing they were trying to reestablish the documents stating they had been lost and/or destroyed. I had filed a motion to dismiss for failure to attach the original documents to the complaint.

My question is, shouldn't they have sent me copies of these documents along with the notice of the filing??? Other than being screwed since they now supposedly have the 'original' documents filed with the courts, is there anything I can do???

I also have a suspicion that these documents are the same documents they filed with the original complaint. It was the application for the loan and a 'approximation' of the truth and lending statement, not the original signed promissary note. Why did they file these documents??? Because of my motion to dismiss based on this issue??

Any input appreciated. Thanks in advance

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