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chase platinum visa LIED!!! about intro apr


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they all sent me a pre-approval for zero apr until nov. 05 and then 5.99 plus prime rate thereafter.

So I was like, cool. I just closed my First Premier after 2 years of awesome credit, and crappy interest rate.

AND my credit union has yet to report my 5,000 dollar maxed visa I have with them, (it's been a year and hasn't hit my reports).

So I thought, why not!!

So I get the card and then go get a few groceries.

Then I was looking at the paper work more... low and behold 19.89% or some such business. So I call them and they were like, "sorry that is what we have for your invite" I said, B.S. and they said, "well mail a copy of the invite." So I'm doing that.

But I also noticed on the bottom of the invite that it says, "this apr could be yours if you are up to date with all your creditors and that type of thing.

I pulled my reports and seen that they pulled TU... all acocunts are positive. BUT I have a paid collection from Consumers for like 68 bucks or something from 99. DO YOU THINK THIS IS KEEPING ME FROM GETTING THE APR?

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