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Just Hanging in there!


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Just giving an updated on how things are going for me in my credit fight.

Wrote a goodwill letter to Sprint on paid collection, that Ca verified. Sent letter to the CEO, COO and CFO. Received letter this week stating that they have told the CA to remove. Goodwill letters really do work!!!

Have 4 letters from CA's stating that the collection accounts will be removed from my cr's within 30-45 days.

Received 2 letters from CA's (one certified), with computer printouts as validation and instructions what to do if I'm claiming fraud. I know I claimed as not mine, didn't say fraud. And also computer printouts do not constitute proprer validation. Since they didn't respond to first DV and verified with CRA's. And they didn't properly respond with validation in response to 2nd DV letter. Now I'm going to send them an ITS and follow through with it.

Received a letter last month from OC stating an account was not mine and they would remove in 30-45 days. It's been 37 days and once again they have verified. Gonna send finally letter demanding 2k and deletion or sue for all the violations they have amassed. At last count at least 12.

Have 2 new tradelines since starting credit fight on June 24. A secured and unsecured credit card which are reporting nicely.

Have went from a total of 18 inquiries on EQ to 0, 17 on EX to 3 and 21 on TU to 4.

I know that we shouldn't be too concerned with scores. That it will eventually come with good credit habits. But it's nice to see the progress and mine haven't moved too much. Even though I am seeing some overall improvement.

Will keep you all informed of my continuing credit fight.

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The goodwill letter basically stated what my situation was. I was deployed overseas at the time, and had no one to follow up on my payments. As soon as I returned, I paid sprint directly and was unaware of a CA's involvement. I also told them how much I enjoyed their service and reminded them, how I hadn't made a late payment and so on....

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