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Ok, Not sure what now

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Ok, I hate to be stupid about this stuff, but I am befuddled. I have gotten a response back from Equifax, saying that they are unable to locate a credit file on me, and they gave me the addresses and phone numbers of Experian and TransUnion. Another letter from them dated the same date states that my identifying information does not match the information currently on file. I used their credit report for my information in my Request for Investigation letter to them. They are telling me I must submit a proof of identity and proof of address to them.

I have heard from 2 collection agencies. Cover letter of one of them simply states who the creditor is, the collection agency's account numbers and how much the total is. Attached to this letter are some sort of computer printout, not recognizable as being from the original creditor, and no breakdown of charges. The other attached letter contains the same type of information. The third attachment does contain a breakdown of charges, however these are for my daughter, not for me.

Are these validations?

The other credit agency sent me form letters with nothing I asked for in the DV letter. On to the next step, Correct???? :(:(

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for EQ, its ok to send them information to identify yourself, just dont send any info like that to a CA.

proper validation is a subjective thing, what you are looking for is information that;

proves you are the one responsible for paying the account (signed contract)

proves the amount they are asking for is the correct amount (account history, all payments)

proves they are the proper party to be collecting this money for the OC. (they could just be phishing, they may really have the account, make em prove it)

yep, onto the next step! :)

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