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Minimum period to leave new account open

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Applied for Cap1 preferred Platinum - thought they would be one of the few to give me credit.

Got a measly $300 line - maybe due to a now corrected error on my Exp report. (They won't confirm reasons).

Since got 2,500 Corvette, 1000 GM, 5600 Citi. Credit better than I thought it seems.

$300 not much help to me right now.

Plan to close my OLD cap 1 (2.5 years old I guess) which charges me a small fortune and also has a $300 limit.

Keeping 1st Premier - a little older. (Almost 3) with a genrous $450 limit to show an established account. :lol: On edit 450 - not 50 - it's not THAT bad!! :oops:

So - the $64,000 question - how soon can I close the new Cap1 - opened in August - without it looking bad on my credit???

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You are within your right to close any account. If it's listed as "closed at consumer's request", it's not negative.

You've gotten the next tier cards, so there has to be a point in time when you should dump the "starter" cards. You may see a little dip in your score (if any at all), but with the new cards, it won't crash your overall credit profile and the ongoing history of the new cards will compensate for the closure of the 2 Cap1 cards.

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