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Confused... pay OC or CA??

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Hi, my first post here. What a great site. Here is my question…I moved out of state 41/2 years ago. I did the proper thing and left my forwarding address with the phone, cable and utilities. When the final bills came I paid them off. After a few months I realized that one utility company never sent me a bill. I call them once I realized this ( two months after my move) and they told me it was in collections and gave me a number. I called that number and they had no record in my name, they asked for my SSN# and I was not willing to give that to them. An argument broke out and I told them “You have my current address, send me the bill.” And hung up. I call the utility company and complained and also offered to give them payment over the phone, they refused. So I waited and waited and really I forgot all about it - I received nothing in the mail. Now it is 41/2 years later and RMA sent me a letter. I called the utility company and offered to pay them again (I did not want to pay RMA). Again they refused. RMA is not on my credit reports and no inquiries - yet. My question is – should I send the utility company a check along with a letter explaining the situation and send RMA a DV?? I thought of sending the check to the CEO of the utility company hoping this will help (???). Or am I just fooling myself?? The last thing I want is a paid collection on my reports – that is the bottom line. Could I trust RMA not to report – IF I send them the money?? I know I owe the bill and I do want to pay my debt, I just want to make sure it doesn’t end up on my credit report. What are your opinions? Thanks! Btw – SOL in the utility state is 3 years – where I am at now is 6.

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