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Hurricane Frances and Cross Country Bank

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I have really really great luck!

I have a just been through a direct hit from Hurricane Frances AND

I have a credit card through Cross Country Bank

Imagine my surprise, when I finally got my electric service back and phone service working, I called all my creditors to ask for a little help because we lost two weeks of works and would not be paid. I needed to delay payments until my check arrived or electricity was restored to my credit union so I could get some money. Everyone was very nice, especially (believe it or not) Capital One and they waived late fees, reset payment due dates and even gave me emergency credit line increases, all EXCEPT Cross Country Bank. Cross Country told me that my zip code was not eligible for any special consideration! Now I am not sure who made that determination but the President of the United States of America and his brother the Governor of the State of Florida both flew into my county and my zip code was declared a federal disaster area. I don't know what else I need to have happen to me to be eligible for special consideration from Cross Country Bank!

Does anyone know if there is a class action suit against these scum bag in the state of Florida?


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