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At my wits end!!!!!


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I'm so frustrated right now. I have a mark on my credit report, that is driving me crazy.

1) I did a chapter 13 in Oct 96. I went the whole 5 years and received my discharge in Jan 2002.

2) I Dv'd Citifinancial (formerly Washington Mutual Finance). They were included in my chapter 13 in Oct of 96.

3) The account was never marked in dispute and updated with the TU, EX and EQ during that initial DV period. And of course, I never received anything to validate that debt.

4) I submitted a request for "proceedure in case of disputed accuracy" to all 3 credit bureau's. The account was removed off of EQ and EX.

5) I received a letter dated Jul, 27, 2004 from Citifinancial:

Thank you for contacting us, regarding the information reported to the credit bureaus by Citifinancial, on the loan number referenced above. In response to your request, to change the information reported, we have reviewed our records and we have determined the following.

We were unable to find any reporting information on this account in our records. We must advise you to contact the credit bureau's directly to dispute any information you feel is inaccurate.

6) I sent a 2nd Dv letter to Citifinancial in Jul of 2004. I received the following letter from them dated August 12, 2004:

..... In response to your request, to change the information reported, we have reviewed our records and we have determined the following.

The trade-line referenced above is invalid and should be removed from your credit report. Updates have been sent to Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit bureaus, requestion the deletion of this trade-line.

The credit reporting agencies ask that you allow 30-45 days for the revision to be completed. Please retain this letter as confirmation of the change(s) to be made to your Citifinancial trade-line with the credit bureau's.

7) I still have not received any validation of any type on this account.

8) Today while pulling Privacyguard (as I do faithfully daily). This tradline now reflects (Chapter 13, wage earner plan).

Sorry for the long post, but had to tell all to ask the following questions.

I want to be sure of the violations they are committing.

a) They were intially reporting this as a bad debt charge off

B) They verified with the Credit Bureau's (all 3), without validating with me. They also never marked " in dispute", with the 3 Credit Bureau's/

c) During second Dv letter, they still never validated with TU, yet still reported. Never marked "in dispute". And said that they would remove.

d) Now I'm no rocket scientist. But if they were included in Chapter 13 in Oct of 96. It was discharged in January of 2002. Could this be a case of reaging? It's been almost 8 years since I filed. That is the only item on my chapter 13 still there. Even the Public record is gone.

e) Is it time to go to court ?

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I'm lost.....I think they DID validate by saying we dont have the account and this tradeline should be deleted.

Have you disputed it with the CRA? If you do that it should be removed because they are saying they don't have the info, so they can't validate. Just dispute with the CRA. If they don't remove it send them a copy of the letter.

Anyone? I'm learning this process. but that's what I would do.

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I have disputed it with all the CRA's. During my first DV round. They were all verified. When I asked for a proceedural request EQ and EX deleted. TU is the only one it is left on. I have also sent TU a copy of the letter with Citifinancial saying they would remove. I have also called TU and they want that letter I sent to them faxed. I informed them that I sent them that letter CMRRR and I received silence. I think the only way i can resolve this is through the courts. I have a good papertrail. They only way they will listen to the "littleguy", is when their wallets are threatened. As someone states in their signature on this website. "You wouldn't take it off my Credit Report, why should I take it off the docket?"

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You don't need validation. You want it gone for good. That's what should be happening.

The person who wrote the letter at Citifinancial is not the same person who handles information reported to the CRAs.

You have 2 choices. 1 is to sue the CRAs, which takes a good chunk of time. The quicker method is to report Citifinancial to their state Attorney General and the FTC.

Citifiancial clearly stated they do not have the information in their database, but they verified the account anyway. Uh..... NO.

So, file a complaint online with the FTC, and make a copies of the "we don't have a record", and the "should be removed" letters and send them to their state AG in another complaint. Each company has a "contact" at the CRA they subscribe to - if there's a problem, they get on the phone and straighten it out.

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It doesn't matter. If there's an obvious problem, they have the ability to track it right there (ie: call their rep at the CRAs). Just because they said it was taken care of doesn't mean it was. They won't tell the AG "we sent it, have them contact the CRA's" without making sure that's what really happened - they would otherwise be lying to the AG.

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