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Dispute or not to dispute... That is the question


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Ok pulled my experian report. They have my student loan from my Universty having opened in 1991 (just dated myself HUH! LOL)

Date Opened:




Reported Since:



120 Months

Date of Status:


Monthly Payment:


Last Reported:


180 days as of 8-1998 to 11-1998

150 days as of 7-1998

120 days as of 6-1998

90 days as of 5-1998

60 days as of 4-1998

30 days as of 3-1998

Experian says that this account could have a negative effect on my score. I've called the school and they don't have me in the system anymore and couldn't verify.

This is an old trade line.

Leave it? or dispute it? What if I dispute NEVER LATE?

Is it worth more on or gone?


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Dispute it. All those negative lates are indeed affecting your score negatively. If the school says you are no longer in their system, it's worth a try. They shouldn't be able to verify anything if they don't know whether or not you were a student there. I am going through the same thing myself.

Good luck!

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The school still has my record as graduating and know I was a student, but the loan was paid off back in '99. I called the bursers office to see about it and they didn't have me in the system. I think I will just report it never late. What do you think? I'd like to keep the TL for the history (length)

I made the mistake of disputing two others as NOT MINE from this same school and they were deleted and my score dropped.

If I dispute as never late and they can't verify will they delete it completely or just up date to never late?

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