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Whats the LEAST amount of collection on your report???


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Mine is $12 from a newspaper.

I just called them to find out what it was and I asked the guy if they could remove it and he said no.

Then I ask him the date of their first letter to me. He says 9/16.02. I asked him when I paid it. He tells me 9/24/02.

So I say to him....so I paid you within 8 days of receiving your first contact with me and now it will remain on my credit for 7 years?

He says..."Well...you know...I'm going to talk to XXX about this and see if I can get it taken care of, I don't think it will be a problem."

Now THAT is funny.

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It all depends...

I know that is a crappy answer but no one has ever seen the mathematical model from the Fair Isaac corporation so we are left with lots of good guesses on how the sensativities work. Some guess are much better than others.

If a charge off had a lot of credit history attached to it and if someone had little credit history, it is actually possible that a credit score could plummet because even though it was bad, there was a credit history attached to it.

There are simply a lot of other factors involved to impact a score.

Some may notice a big jump while others don't really see anything all while others may see their score drop.

But a score is not important. Responsible credit behavior and long credit histories is what counts...

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