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United Cash?


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Just got a letter today from Certified Recovery Systems L.L.P

RE:United Cash

Name: me




Dear Me:

The above mentioned client has requested that Certified Recovery Systems L.L.P report all unpaid accounts to the credit bureau. Unless we receive payment in full within the next ten (10) days we will take the necessary steps to report your name. Once reported, this information becomes part of your credit record and can remain on your credit file for seven(7) years.

We have special arrangement with WESTERN UNION for our customers to take advantage of their "QUICK COLLECT SERVICE". Quick collect ensures same-day delivery of your payment, To use quick collect, follow these steps:

1 call 800-325-6000 to locate the Western Union agent nearest you.

2 Upon arrival tell the agent that you are a Quick collect customer

3 Complete the blue QUICK COLLECT PAYMENT FORM indicating:


4 Give your name and file number to the agent. This Cash transaction will ensure same day receipt of your payment and proper credit to your account

You may call us at (713) 335-1300 to verify payment

You can also pay by creditcard at www.certifiedrecovery.com


Collection Manager

This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector and any information obtained will be use for that purpose.

I looked on the internet to see what the hell united cash was and it's some sort of payday loan thing. I never had any payday loan matter of fact i think you need a bank accoun to get this and i havent had a bank account in years. Dont know WTH these people or up to. Should I DV them and if so can someone give me some ideas on what DV Letter should look like "Still Learning ;)"

BTW: Checked all 3 CR and I dont see these idiots on there yet.

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