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Chapter 7 off early


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I just got equifax to remove my bk one year early. I was nice and told them that the bk was due to illness(it was) and we have not had any lates since that time. I asked if they had the authority to delete it and if not who would I contact. I also joined their credit watch program and mentioned that I was a member in the letter. :p I guess being nice works sometimes. :!: ?

Experian still has not removed the Bk. I got nasty with them. They never listed Bk as in dispute and would not provide me with the proceedure that they used to verify it. I sent them an ITS letter but they have not responded. I'm trying to figure out how to handle experian.

I called the BK courthouse and they said the account is closed because it is so old. I have already taken all my old addresses off my credit reports so I may wait 2 months to try to delete or I am going to try pulling my records for viewing.

This forum is awesome. I think I am addicted :!:

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