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due in court on Friday


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Hi, first of all, thanks to everyone and your efforts to make this site possible and very helpful to persons like me. Thank You.

I am due in court on Friday, for 2 default judgements. The first one is for a medical bill and the other is Providian (attorneys taking us to court, wanting to garnish wages) Anyway, this is my fault that this was not taken care of at an earlier time, I was too scared to show up in court, so now I have to show up or a warrent will be attached to me. This is my question, I will pay the judgement amounts, but can I just call the attorneys and send the payment overnight, or do I show up and pay them then? I dont want to have to give any answers as too our bank accounts or where we are employed or all of that information. I am scared to death by all of this, and yes I know that if I would have taken care of this months ago and showed up in court the first time I wouldn't be in this hole. Thanks for any advise you can give me.

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