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Help!! Need advice w/my BK


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I have a BK that was discharged 12/03 (started 9/18/03) my 2nd mortgage was included in BK and discharged 12/03. I started recv. bills again on 8/04. Called them and after two days of jumping through hoops they admitted that they made a mistake and I could ignore the bills. Well today I recv. a check in the mail from them. It states that during their audit they discovered a check I didn't cash from 6/01/01 and wrote me a new check that I can cash. Description of the check is Refund for NMC for $424.00. Here's my question, if I cash this check could they now say that the BK stay is void and demand payment of the Note since there's new activity from me? I just seems strange that I started recv. bills and now this check. Could it be a trick?



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