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Auto Enhanced Beacon Score

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I'm not sure if or where you can purchase an "Auto-Enhanced" FICO score. I believe that the Auto enhanced score puts more weight on any previous auto loans that you have had. So, if you have had good positive previous auto payment history then you auto enhanced score would probably be higher than you fico score. DH was recently sent a preapproval from Cap1 for an auto loan and he found out that his auto enhanced score was a 648 but his true fico at the same time was a 628. He has only had an auto loan listed on his report since April of this year and has already traded that vehicle for something different so he has another new auto tl listed. I'm guessing that these 2 listings helped to increase his auto enhanced score. I'm guessing then, that if you have a long history you would get more of a bump than DH got since his auto history was/is only 5 months old.

Good luck!


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Where does one purchase Beacon Auto Enhanced Score? And, what does "auto enhanced" mean? Thanks

You cannot purchase an "auto enhanced" score from the cra's.

Supposedly your score are adjusted via an enhancement to the attention paid to installment loans of a vehicular nature.

I have seen people with no prior automotive tradeline have an auto enhanced score.

Generally speaking those who have a large number of revolving tradelines AND installment tradelines will have better auto enhanced scores than those with fewer revolving tradelines.

An auto enhanced score is used particularly by the auto business and those who write automotive loans. This version of your score is not publicly available.

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Nice to see you around this neck of the woods Marv!

You would do well to listen to Marv as I have seen his posts at CB. He does know his stuff.



Wish I could visit more, Time is a problem, I check in now and again.

I agree, time is always an issue, but all of us in the know need to keep helping as we can. :D

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