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Got a DELETION on EX last night BUT....have a ????


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A few days ago, I disputed a charge off with Ex. It was on there from a CA called Anderson Finanical for $181. I had also received a 50% settlement offer from the CA last week. So I wrote them a letter saying that if they would agree to delete, I would pay. I did NOT include payment of course.

Well...last night got some results back from Ex. Anderson Financial was DELETED from EX (and also from TU which I thought was pretty weird).

I also received a CMRRR letter from Anderson yesterday but got home late and didn't get to pick it up. I have no idea what their response is yet.

So what's that all about?

BTW - there still is a CO showing on my EQ report from AFNI, which is also Anderson.

Any one know whats going on?

Did they send the settlement offer last week (before anything was even disputed) because they know that they don't have a way to verify the debt as mine?


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