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DV'ed attorney - OC calls me

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This seems like exactly the same situation as rookiegirl77 brought up a few threads ago. Having been in a commercial debt settlement program with no results, I took charge myself and DVed the first few accounts that went to CAs. This particular one (Pulaski Bank out of Little Rock) had been fairly hard-nosed, but quiet for a few months. I DVed their collection attorney last week and all of a sudden I get a very polite phone call from Pulaski asking me to call back because they have a solution to offer me. Somehow I doubt this is a coincidence (although I don't have the CMRRR green card back yet).

Now I understand that they can take the account back, but what are the legal ramifications of this? That is, does the attorney still have to validate the debt as requested and if he doesn't, do I have the right to sue?

Secondly, is this possibly an indication that the OC knows full well they don't have the documents needed to validate the debt? This would surprise me, though, since Pulaski was very careful in its underwriting process.

I guess I'll call them back and find out what's on the table, and get it in writing if it's acceptable.

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It may just be the way they do business. Sounds like the lawyer pitched it back to the OC. If so, there is no reason for him to validate - so long as he does not try to collect. If he tries to collect while you are negotiating with Pulaski, you may have him and the Bank on FDCPA violations.

However, the goal is to settle this and if Pulaski is willing to talk to you, great. Set forth a plan to pay this off, put it in writing to Pulaski. Get a name from whomever you talk to. Go to their corporate website and find out the CEO's name. Address your settlement letter to him, too. Send it CMRRR. Give them a good reason to accept your plan.

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