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Subscriber vs Consumer Credit Reports


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Will somebody please explain to me the differences and why the differences exist in the first place?

Here's why I ask.....TU had deleted an installment account (and a active Providian account) which dropped my score 28 pts. Due to the dogged efforts of my banker (who felt sorry for me) she finally, after 15 TU reps, got to a head honcho and was able to get the TL back on my report. Honcho told her that the TL was not "really" off my reports; others "could" see it. But he still put it back to appease her and had it reporting positively.

My beef is.....if TU, or any CRA for that matter, deletes a TL before we have the chance to get that TL reporting correctly, who are we really kidding? I attempted to get my TL's to report in a more positive fashion but I have that opportunity taken away only to have it haunt me on a subscribers report. I feel like a dog chasing it's own tail.

I've been declined by two creditors (who pulled TU) and yet my TU report is not that bad. 645 FICO.

What gives :?:

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Something stinks! Here's a thought. Go to a real estate office or car dealership under the guise of being a potential customer, and have them pull your CR. You'll probably have to pretend that you're really interested. Make it clear that you don't want them shopping your credit or you'll end up with a sh!t load of inquiries.

It will cost you a hard inquiry, but the hit should not be too hard. Offer to pay them for a photocopy of the report (or the original).

At least you will then be able to see just what kind of crap they are trying to pull. An added bonus would be if they pulled a tri-merge.

It might not be a bad idea to do this as a matter of course, once we have all completed or nearly completed our credit repair journey.


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TU is trigger-happy when it comes to deleting good positive trade lines.

In the past, when a creditor was sloppy in updating the credit history, I would go to TU and do a dispute in an effort to expedite the process.

But no more.

TU has zapped FOUR positive trade lines. One of them was my paid in full car loan.

It is almost impossible to get these trade lines reinserted.

This situation is the exact opposite of bad trade lines but that is a different story.

Today, I simply try to get the creditor to clean up the mess. Some creditors are sloppy and others are not but you have to badger the creditors.

Now as to what is truly removed, that is a different story. Nothing is truly deleted, it just doesn’t appear on the credit report. All that information is stored away (which gives conspiracy buffs a big smile).

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