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OC is not giving acct. to a CA


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I have a charged-off acct. from 1999. It was a secured auto loan and it

was wrote off in '99. The OC has not been very agressive in collecting

on it and does not have a ca(mainly because I have moved out of state and they dont know my my address). Four months ago I called them

and tried to negotiate a settlement but they would not budge. I wanted

to pay it off because I have learned my lesson and I wanted it off my

cr. Deletion was the one thing along with paying the original charge-off

amount and they still would not budge. They have updated the amount

to over 5000$ when the original amount was 1500 and called it interest.

I disputed with the big 3 and got it off one of them(eq). I have under 2

years until this falls off the rest. what do I do now? I dont see them

giving in or giving this to a ca. The sol is 8 years.

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